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Today was an extremely eventful Day 5 at Miss Teenage Canada 2015. We started out the day very early and had an invigorating yet refreshing afternoon at the Bowmanville Zoo where we cuddled and took selfies with lion and tiger cubs. I would highly recommend anyone who lives or visits Toronto to take a trip to this fantastic zoo.

After such a fun morning, we were naturally all ravenous and made our way to Eaton Centre. There, we feasted on tacos and burritos at the Richtree Taco Truck.

I must say, after a long and drawn out morning in which my energy had been sapped, the food I had was just the thing to invigorate me back to life. I had a chicken burrito that was packed full of flavour and texture. It was just enough to fill me up but not too much that I had any leftovers.

The people at the truck deserve a lot of credit in regards to the excellent service they provided. Though there were only a handful of them working speedily to serve us all, they managed to feed all 82 girls (which is no easy feat I can assure you) in an efficient manner so that none of us had to wait too long.

Overall, I was really pleased that we decided to each lunch at Richtree Taco Truck today. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who’s shopping at Eaton Centre or simply in the vicinity to drop in for a burrito or taco. If you want to check out their social media sites, they are down below. I’m sure once you’ve tasted their food, you’ll be sure to give them a big thumbs up and “like” on facebook, and a follow on twitter and instagram.

image (3)

Richtree Website: http://richtreenaturalmarket.com

Richtree Facebook: /RichtreeMarket

Richtree Twitter: @RichtreeMarket

Richtree Instagram: RichtreeMarket


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It was with great trepidation that I mustered up the courage to write to the leaders of Canada, asking for support for my journey to become Miss Teenage Canada. I was very pleased when I received replies from Gregor Robertson, mayor of my hometown Vancouver, and Christy Clark, premier of BC. Both replies were very encouraging and supportive. I wanted to share them with the general public. In light of the upcoming pageant, it is very comforting for me to know how much support I have in striving to become a leader and ambassador of Canada, as well as fundraiser for Free the Children.

Christy Clark Premier

Above, letter from premier of BC above.

Gregor Robertson


Above, letter from Mayor of Vancouver.

On another note, I will be hopping on the plane for Toronto tomorrow afternoon! I hope to bring back positive experiences and memories.

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The platform I have chosen to promote as Miss Teenage East Vancouver 2015 is one that lies at the core of my inner values and outlook on life.

My platform: raising awareness for the homeless in society.

The amount of passion I feel for my platform is difficult to put down in words; I have endeavoured to express my utmost advocacy of it through activities I have done in the past few months as Miss Teenage East Vancouver 2015.

Having grown up in suburban Vancouver all my life, the number of homeless inhabiting the streets was something I noticed from a very young age. I have travelled all over North America in my lifetime as well and visited a plethora of urban cities. I have noticed this much: there is not one city whose streets aren’t rife with wandering people who have no where to go.

Some background information and a slight digression: From a young age, I was told by various sources, both young and old, to avoid the haggard looking people who inhabit the streets. I was told, in simple black and white terms, that they were “bad”. In retrospect, this was setting me up for a lifetime of thinking the way many people view the homeless: that, due to a lack of self discipline and hard work, they got what they deserved. Not only does this way of thinking do nothing to solve the problem at hand but also fosters a debilitating dearth of compassion in society.

As a young girl, I once had a lengthy conversation with a homeless woman once, at a playground in a residential neighbourhood in East Van. What struck me was how honest, open, and sincere the woman was. To my five year old self, full of naivety and wonder, she was one of the only adults who didn’t strike me as patronizing or intimidating in the slightest. To this day, that memory is the vividest of all my childhood memories.

Back to my the topic at hand: my platform. Indeed, the way I have grown up and grown passionate about the case of the homeless is what has led me to decide to pursue a political science major at university this Fall and even pursue a career in a similar field. It must have been reiterated countless times but my local MLA of Vancouver Mount Pleasant is a role model to me for many reasons: someone who brings compassion into her line of work and campaigns for rights. The rights of murdered and missing Aboriginal women, the rights of low income families, the rights of those who don’t have a home and barely enough money to scrape by. Since last August in summer 2014, I have worked with the team to bring change. Door knocking was one of my personal favourites as we got to interact with the very people whom we were looking out for. As Miss Teenage East Vancouver 2015, I have only continued my efforts with renewed vigour.

And I can promise this: if I were crowned the winner in Toronto this week, I would only double and triple my efforts as Miss Teenage Canada 2015. It would not end in my municipality of Vancouver Mount Pleasant– I would travel all across the city, the province, and country to bring about change. I put my all into what I’m passionate about and it has been set in stone from the earliest days that giving people second chances, rights, homes, lives, is what I love to do.

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The opening line of our national anthem — “O Canada!” — is the ultimate proclamation of love and gratefulness towards “our home and native land”. I could relay the demographics– that Canada, based on numerous socio-economic facets, environmental factors, and overall well-being of every citizen, makes us one of the happiest countries in the world. So it is only natural we would be grateful to live on land “glorious and free”. Many non Canadians have the impression of Canadians being “nice”. And though it may seem like a generality, my personal experiences would certainly validate that impression and reinforce my pride in being, Canadian.

For me, one of Canada’s most cherished and noticeable characteristics would be its multiculturalism. It has been described as a mosaic, and this is definitely something I notice when I walk the streets of my hometown, Vancouver. Walking downtown, a plethora of cultures and medley of interesting people meet the eye. It brings vibrancy and versatile beauty to the city but also fosters an acceptance and appreciation for all different types of cultures.

As someone from a multicultural background, I have grown up to harbour a wide perspective and avid thirst for greater knowledge on different traditions all over the world. Canada, being the “mosaic” of immigrants and ultimately multiculturalism, exemplifies the paradigm of respect and appreciation for different mindsets, values, traditions, and people.

My mother is of Chinese descent and has fostered within me a deep understanding of Chinese mores and customs. I love Chinese food, language, clothing, stories, literature, music… but mostly, I love the fact that I am able to be exposed to these things not just at home but wherever I go! Vancouver itself is home to many first generation, second generation, third generation Chinese people. Wherever I go, there are people who I am able to share my experiences with on my heritage and multicultural background. Wherever I go, there are people who have been raised in families traditionally from Europe, East Asia, the Middle East, Africa… just about anywhere in the world. And I understand this is the case is not only many other major cities of Canada, but also small scale towns and tight knit communities.

“Anywhere in the world”…

This phrase brings me to my conclusive point. Having just graduated from high school this past June, I plan on furthering my education by studying political science at McGill University this fall. It’s more than the Sovereign debt crisis and irreconcilable relations between nation states with conflicting standpoints on various facets that intrigue me… it’s what living in Canada, and being Canadian has taught me: the coming together of entirely different people is not only possible but a beautiful thing when achieved. Here in Canada, we don’t just live on our own, we laugh and love with our neighbor, who thinks in an entirely different way and does things in an entirely different way but who we ultimately call our neighbor because we are united in that we are Canadian. Yes, being Canadian means we love and accept everyone and anyone.

So it is. Being Canadian means to be filled with love and compassion. This is what being Canadian through and through has taught me. This is what I have been brought up on, having been born and raised on Canadian soil. This… is what makes Canada, truly great.

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Hello to all of you reading this!

My first blog post marks the beginning of my journey to Miss Teenage Canada. It is with mixed trepidation and excitement that I type these words, knowing that whatever happens will irrevocably influence me and undoubtedly have a positive impact on me for life.

I will keep this first blog short, but I couldn’t wait to formally welcome everyone to the beginning of my quest. Miss Teenage Canada is a responsibility that I am glad to carry, an adventure I am thrilled to have, a step into the unknown that is my awakening to endless possibilities. Thus, any form of support, simply reading this blog and silently cheering me on in your heart or sponsoring me, any of these acts of support is appreciated.

In my next blog, I will be writing about my experience at the Alberta provincial pageant and finding out that as a British Columbian, I had scored high enough to make it to Nationals after all. It was a thrilling moment that I aim to capture in words. It will be coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Until next time.

Written by: Natasha
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